Emoji Dick;


Herman Melville

Edited and Compiled by
Fred Benenson

Translated by
Amazon Mechanical Turk

Introduction by Paddy Johnson of ArtFagCity.com
... highlights the innovative ways in which the labour pool of bored internet users is being tapped to complete complex tasks.
That's astoundingly useless.
A true testament to the value of the distributed human intelligence task.
If it leads one kid to pick up some classic literature, it's a good thing.
... Emoji-Dick doesn't seem very interesting ...

About Emoji Dick

Emoji Dick is a crowd sourced and crowd funded translation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick into Japanese emoticons called emoji.

Each of the book's approximately 10,000 sentences has been translated three times by a Amazon Mechanical Turk worker. These results have been voted upon by another set of workers, and the most popular version of each sentence has been selected for inclusion in this book.

In total, over eight hundred people spent approximately 3,795,980 seconds working to create this book. Each worker was paid five cents per translation and two cents per vote per translation.

The funds to pay the Amazon Turk workers and print the initial run of this book were raised from eighty three people over the course of thirty days using the funding platform Kickstarter.